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Quilled Name - Yet another try!

Hi all,
It has been reaallly long since i was active. Sorry for that. Its been hectic around here and trying to squeeze in time for quilled seemed an almost impossible task. Luckily when need arises you somehow find the time!

Its my collegue's daughter's birthday next month. The same date as that of the Indian film industry's Super Star 'Rajini Kanth' 12-12-12. So thought why not give her a quilled name for her birthday. She is such a sweet lil girl and extremely adorable. So i sat down to begin. The challenge for me here was her name is quite long. Thahalaathmiga. It means something serene (not sure exactly). I have not tried such big lettering till now and was a bit scared as to how it will turn out.
I did just the name first,then came the two flowers. I wanted to keep the main colours to blue and black so didn't use green for the leaves. Just went ahead and used blue for it too and wanted it to be a change.
The first design didn't look consistent to me …

Quilled Name Board

Hi all,
A quick post on a quilled name board i did yesterday. Took very little time as there are only three letters and it is an extremely simple design.

The stand is perched nicely on the CPU of my desk :) Hope the recipient likes it too. :)

Here are the pics.

Happy Quilling n Happy diwali folks!