Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Quilled Bride!

I have been trying to do a quilled face for sometime now and probably some actual person rather than doing something out of my imagination. You can see my previous attempt at a quilled lady here which also happens to be my first post in this blog.

This person got married recently and i was just taking some random pics at her wedding and really liked this one. Though she didn't , saying it is a stupid looking pose :P :P But nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to try quilling it. :) :) She has been with me from school college and we even work in the same place :) Love you darling. You are such a sweetheart :)

It was intended to be a plain white background pic at first. But couldn't help giving a orangish tint for the background and also adding color to the hair part.

I think it has turned out quite decently...

Here is how it evolved. :)

Happy quilling :) :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Felt flowers :)

Hi all :)

I was trying to clean out my crafty items junk and found some felt cloth in beautiful pink yellow and blue shades which had been lying dormant for more than a year i believe. So i goggled for some crafty projects and came across a paper flower version of this type of flower.

I was not sure how i would make this cloth stick as i did not have anything but Fevicol. So first i went about cutting the basic shapes that i needed.

Once that was done. I made 2 quilled flowers that are the centerpieces int he flowers. I stitched them so that they wouldn't come off.

Next I added the base layer of folded petals and then an inner layer and on top added the quilled flowers and stitched them thoroughly....

Such simple technique yet so beautiful

Hope you like the pics :) :)

Happy crafting :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A cup of coffee and some love :)

Hi all,

Today I am sharing with you one of my favourite item in quilling... quilled cups. I just love doing it and the smaller it is the better I like it :)

The stand is2 cm tall and the cup is around 1 cm. I have used 1 cm strips for the stand and 4 mm strips for the cup. The handle is made out of 3mm strips. All strips are from Itsy Bitsy store.

I wanted to add a quilled flower pot but couldn't get around to doing that! So added a quilled heart to the stand. A cup of coffee with your loved ones is always a refresher !!

Hope you all like the pics..

Million thanks to Vijay for having taken these pics... They have truly turned out beautiful! :)

Happy Quilling :) :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

1st Bloggoversary!! :) :)

I cant believe it has been one year since my first post!! :)
This year has been really awesome and have made some great friends via the blog :)

Thank you for all your inspirations and comments. It was awesome :) :)

It so happens to be my aunt's birthday today too :) :)
So I am sharing with a quilled project that I have made for her. A simple quillography with her name and that of her husband's. And some flowers to the kitty :)

It is yet to be framed and I hope it has turned out well!! :)

I have used Itsy Bitsy card stock for the back and 5mm and 3 mm strips for the quilled items. My favorite part was lining some of the items in white ink.. Don't know why i tried that , but I like how it turned out!!!

Hoping for some awesome years ahead!! Happy quilling people :)

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