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Plastic Kolam - Part 2

Hi guys,
This time I am sharing yet another lokal arranged on a OHP sheet..
Here you go for the things required:
1. OHP Sheet
3. Beads of your choice.

First I drew the basic outline on a sheet of paper and placed it under the OHP. Then i arranged  the beads and bling as the mood was. Let it dry for two to three hours nicely. And your plastic kolam is done!! :) Move it to any place you want and start decorating the place :) Here are the pics :)

Happy crafting :)

Rearrangable Kolam

Hi all :) :)
I happend to see a variety of plastic kolam in many houses where i went for golu this year. And it was very practical and the best part was you can rearrange the individial pieces to create designs of your of your own. So thought why not do one myself!!!
Items that I used [Lot of alternatives possibles)
1.OHP Sheet  2. Glue 3. Variety of beads, Chamki, Kundan, etc etc
First i drew the basec shape on a paer and transferred the design on the OHP sheet and cut out the pieces. Then you go ahead and decorate them your way using the beads n glue :) :) Here are some pics :)

Hope you liked this project :)

Happy crafting :)

Navarathri 2013!! :D

Hi alll :)
It has been a really long time since i blogged.. Lots of new things in life and this has taken a back seat.... :P
Last two weeks was sooo busy with Navarathri celebrations.

It all starts with taking down boxes and boxes of golu dolls in various sixes wrapped in paper, cloth, bubble wrap and what not. Then comes setting the steps, covering with a cloth and decorating the steps with lights and paper.

Then the best part is arranging the dolls and setting up park and houses. :) :) 9 days of beautiful festival :)

Here are some pics of the golu kept in my house