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Crochet Bookmarks

Hi all,

This is such a dear post to me. Because these items are going to go to 21 sweet kids. My friend is their teacher and she just adores them. Hope this brings cheers to her class.

Presenting  Crochet Cute Bookmarks... Blue stars and Pink flowers. No specific pattern, Its all trial :P

Each one is slightly different, but each one is crafted with love and turned out quite well..

Here are they, ready to be sent off :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics :)

Happy crafting...

Crochet Doily Wall Decor

Hi all,
Today I am sharing with you that I did as just a random thing, but turned out quite beautifully. It started off as doing a trial on crocheting in rounds and started to emerge as a beautiful doily. I had no pattern in mind and it was a 'build-as-you-go' self pattern using the basic chain, single and double crochet stitches. After completing it i thought it will look better as a wall decor piece in a pink/blue frame. Yert to get that done though.. Here are the pics before the setting up .

I will post the framed ones once it is done!

Hope it turns out well.
Happy crafting folks :)

Mojo Monday 322

Hi all,
This is something i did for a friend of mine. His friend is celebrating his birthday and he requested a custom made card... It has been reaallllly long since i made a card. I followed the mojo Monday template to create his card.

Here is the template provided by Julee this week.

Below is the card I designed. There are lot of small items that went into making this card. Here is how it goes. 1. Base is a A4 sized handmade paper folded into two. 2. The ribbon part of the sketch is replaced by crochet yarn made into a bow and a crochetted heart.  3. The inner square is replaced by paper doily. I just love this paper doily. 4.The inner part of the card is made up of two small cards for writing additional cute stuff. :) , added some quilled hearts :) 5. The envelope is something different in this card. I haven't gone for a traditional envelope but just folded a A4 sheet printed with flower template around the card and added a silver ribbon :) :)
Here are the pics

Entering this …

Basket Weave Stitch Pouch WIth Puff Stitch Flower

Hi all,
Today I finished crocheting something that I did after learning two new stitches. The Basket weave stitch and the puff stitch. There are lots of tutorials to demo this and I must say the basket weave stitch is super cool. It has a beautiful texture and makes your material strong.
The puff stitch flower is a cute little flower that I had created separately. But since the colors complemented each other I added it. The button is also made out of a simple stitch base that is used to start all flowers.

Here is what it looks like.
Hope all of you like it :)

Happy crafting :)