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Gear up for 2013...

Hi pals :)
Just 2 more hours into the new year. This year has the first 4 numbers , 0,1,2,3 (not in order ofc!) :P

Lets welcome a great year ahead and gear up for whats awaiting us :)
Sharing with you a set of quilled gears which is a part of a bigger item. But this is what is done as of now :)

Happy new year all and thank you for the support!! :) :)

Flower Love

Hi blogger pals,

This time I am sharing a flower filled item..
I have tried various trypes of quilling here, the beehive technique, teardrop, roses, fringed flowers.....

The end product reads 'LOVE'.. Hope all of you enjoy the pics :)

Happy Quilling :)

Quilled Roses in a handmade frame :)

Hi blogger pals,

Today I tried out a simple quilled rose, the instructions which i found on youtube. I guess it came out pretty decent for a first timer!! :) Did three of them and added a leaf made out of recycled paper.

Now the interesting part was making the frame... Just follwed the instructions here and whola!, a cute
liitle frame :) :)

Hope you enjoy the pics :)

Happy Quilling :)

Tissue paper flowers...

Merry christmas :)

Today was at my aunts place and was helping out my cousin in her project work and we got bored of that...So she taught me how to make tissue paper flowers.. Its soooo simple and so damn beautiful. Posted some pics here. Do try this out and its a fantastic decoration and takes just a minute to do.. The effect is just wonderful

Happy crafting folks :)

A place to read...

Hi all,
So I set out to try a quilled pot or a jug or something of the sort and I end up with this.....
A table...

Things do have a way of turning out completely the opposite of what you intended to..... :P
I did not try to enhance it further... So just added 2 mini tea cups and 3 books and wola!!!! a reading place...

The books are made out of 1 cm strips, the teacups of 4 mm strips. The table is also out of 1 cm strips and measures about 3cm tall and 5 cm wide approx...

Hope you like it :)

Happy Quilling folks!! :)

On going work.......

Hi all,
been bit away from quilling lately..... Just started to get back on things....
This one is for a collegue who has given me some freedom to go ahead with any kind of designs as long as it fits his theme 'love'....

Trying something without conceptualising the design for the first time. not sure how its gonna come out....

This is as far as I have got into..

Not sure how i m going to complete this! :P
Working on something parallely.. will post soon!

Happy quilling fellas! :)

Quilled Name - Yet another try!

Hi all,
It has been reaallly long since i was active. Sorry for that. Its been hectic around here and trying to squeeze in time for quilled seemed an almost impossible task. Luckily when need arises you somehow find the time!

Its my collegue's daughter's birthday next month. The same date as that of the Indian film industry's Super Star 'Rajini Kanth' 12-12-12. So thought why not give her a quilled name for her birthday. She is such a sweet lil girl and extremely adorable. So i sat down to begin. The challenge for me here was her name is quite long. Thahalaathmiga. It means something serene (not sure exactly). I have not tried such big lettering till now and was a bit scared as to how it will turn out.
I did just the name first,then came the two flowers. I wanted to keep the main colours to blue and black so didn't use green for the leaves. Just went ahead and used blue for it too and wanted it to be a change.
The first design didn't look consistent to me …

Quilled Name Board

Hi all,
A quick post on a quilled name board i did yesterday. Took very little time as there are only three letters and it is an extremely simple design.

The stand is perched nicely on the CPU of my desk :) Hope the recipient likes it too. :)

Here are the pics.

Happy Quilling n Happy diwali folks!

Quilled Butterfly

Hi all,
Posting after a reaaaaly long time.... Been held up with work and vacation and haven't touched quilling in a month . Phew ( :P )

One of my really ood friend Aditya asked for a quilled butterfly and after a lot of analysis gave me some specific designs. I have added my own touch to it and made it my own. Hope he does like it and hope the person to whom its meant for likes it :)

Hope all of you like this :)

See you all soon. Happy Quilling!

Another set of Quilled basket

Hi blogger pals,

I did not have any idea or design in my mind when i started this project. I got some 1 cm quilling strips by mistake and I am not a great fan of using 1 cm strips for creating projects on a base layout. So was wondering how to best use them and had this brainwave!!

Quilled baskets (not such a brainwave actually :P )
The 1 cm strips give a sturdy feel to the baskets. There are 3 layers to this. To the middle layer i have a tight ring structure instead of the completely filled coil and it gives a different appearance. The handle is made out of 3 mm strips using the standard weaving technique. Hope you all like the pics

Going to make some more baskets in other colour combinations. :)
Happy quilling until then!!

Mojo Monday 260

Hi Blogger pals,
It is time for another mojo monday!!! And since this is the last week of the month, it is a round or square card. This weeks design is also by Juliee Tilman. She does give out wonderful layouts.

I have just taken the square layout for a start and laid out some basic elements. Not much of embellishments in it but I somehow liked all the colours I used. Not the traditional colours that go with each other. It was an experiment! :)
Here it is.

Happy crafting for now!

Yet another Mojo Monday 259

Hi All,
Back to yet another Mojo Monday card :)
This week's sketch is designed by Juliee Tilman and is very attractive and I this is the second card I am sharing in the same design!!

Here's my take on this week's sketch :)

I have used pattern paper from Itsy bitsy, Added a quilled flower and instead of the ribbon addded two popsicle sticks cut in the same shape!! The quilled teardrop shapes do give it a nice traditional feel!

Linking it to mojo monday contest. Happy crafting until next time folks!!

Quilled (Heart) tree #2

Hi all,

Today I wanted to share with the quilled tree I just finished making. It is inspired by Elizabeth Moad's numerous tree cards that she shares. Each and every design is unique and amazing :) This is a slightly different version from what I tried earlier. Instead of the leaves i added quilled hearts and adding this to my 'Sending you my love' themed collection :)

Happy quiilling folks!!!

Mojo Monday 259

Hi All,
Back to yet another Mojo Monday card :)
This week's sketch is designed by Juliee Tilman and is very attractive and I dont think I will stop with doing just one card!!

Here's my take on this week's sketch :)

Have used a rotated version of the sketch here and added a quilled flower embellishment :)

Thats all for now folks!
Happy crafting!

Mojo Monday 258

Hi Blogger pals :)
Second post today! :) Wow :)
This week's Mojo monday sketch is by Juliee Tilman and it is a simple yet elegant design :)

I have used a white base card on which I have added a grey layer and 2 white strips in place of the ribbons.
Also used a circular yellow foam piece and added a quilled flower to it :) The sentiment is handwritten and done! :)

It is a very late entry to this week's challenge but better late than never!!!

Happy Crafting pals :)

Quilled Tree #1

Hi Blogger Pals!,
Happy weekend :) and happy crafting too :) I just love this time of the week where I can sit undisturbed and craft listening to the melodies of the great Ilayaraja.
Today I wanted to share with the quilled tree I just finished making. It is inspired by Elizabeth Moad's numerous tree cards that she shares. Each and every design is unique and amazing :) Here's what I tried :)

:) Thats all for now! :)
Happy quilling :)

Quilled Cars framed!

Its been a wonerful week! :) The clients to whom the quilled cars were gifted just loved the work :)
On cloud nine :) :) Here are the framed ones :)

Happy Quilling pals :)

Cute and small basket!!

Hi Blogger Pals,

Sharing with you a small basket that I tried and filled it with fringed flowers :)
Another one in my 'Sending you my love' theme. Love the way it has turned out :)

Happy Quilling :)

Quilled Car #3

Hi Blogger Pals!
Phew, Weekend was hectic with quilling this time and yeay!, I finished the third one too :)

Here is a pic that i took before giving it off. Now waiting for it to be framed :)

Happy Quilling!!

Quilled Car #2

Hi blogger pals!!

Finished my second quilled car of the weekend. Sat sstraight 5 hours and finished it. (I am a bit slow :P )
This one is prettty simple and I have used the traditional scrolls and teardrop shapes throught. It was quilled using 6 mm strips and I personally love the way it has turned out :)

here are the pics :)

One more to go :)
Happy quilling!

Quilled Car #1

Hi Blogger pals,

Its been more than 2 weeks since I have done crafting.. Running around with lots of work to do and the weekend was more than welcoming to start again.
This time its a quilled car! and the best part is the requirement is as per request and the person needs three!. Phew , guess that must mean lot of work for me :P.
He wanted me to have a look at the BMW art cars and get inspired by those designs. Inspired I was but I was not sure if i could bring them out with my little knowledge on quilling. So I decided to give it my own shot :)

Here are the pics.(It did take a lot of time :) )
Starting on my next one now...
Happy quilling!!

Mojo Monday 256

Hi blogger pals,

Its time for another Mojo monday sketch and this time its a round or square card. The theme is designed by Julie Tilman. The sketch thows so many possiblities and the design team's take on it is just aweesome! :)

Here is my take on this weeks sketch.. :) The square template was easier to create so went ahead with it first :)

This is another card that that i created on the same love theme :) .

Happy crafting and quilling!!