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Crochet Granny Square Bags

Hi all,
I have been trying to find time to crochet but somehow time seems to elude me :( sob, sob...

But somehow i crocheted these beautiful granny squares on train travel to my office. There were just 6 pieces done and I converted 4 of them into small granny bags. These are great for gifting to someone. You could just pop something in, a candy, a heart, some small message etc and send it to them :)

It is also a cute way of storing your itty bitty lipsticks, balms clips etc in your purse. :)

Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy them. The pattern is a traditional square granny pattern thaat I found online. Millions of tutorials available for these :)

Happy crochetting :)

Crochet Mobile Phone Pouch

Hi all :) :) :)
Hope you all are doing good. It is karthikai festival and I m just back lighting lamps visiting temples, and eating sweets :D :D

Today I am sharing with you my crochetted mobile pouch that took about 4 to 5 hours to complete... i know it is too long for something so simple... But of course when you don't know it does take time. There is no great pattern involved here. The pouch is made of complete double crochets. The heart is actually something that i intended to be a flower, but when i did two petals though it is much better to convert it into a heart :)

Here are the pics...

Let me know what you guys think of this :)
Happy craftimg :)

A step into the crochet world. Crochet Flower

Hi all,
I wanted to try something different and so went ahead with crochet. I looked up some video tutorials and there are some great material available online. I had learnt the basic in the craft classes in school days so it was quite easy to pick up :) I just learn some basic stitches and gave a try at this crochet flower myself. There is no defined pattern. It does not look random thank heavens, But the red part could have been much better, yes.
I deliberately did not take pictures of the backside :P :P

Happy crafting until next time! :)

Coffee Mug Remodelled

Hi all,
Today I am sharing with you a recycle craftwork. My green mug wass worn out and i did not feel like throwing it away... Instead i thought why not use it as a pen stand :) :)

I just painted on the plain mug with a permanent marker and voila, it turned out into a custom mug :)

Here are the pics


Until next time,
Happy crafting !! :)