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Mythical or Mystical! A Quilled Peacock

After a realllly long time I completed a project which I have been planning for quite some time. A quilled peacock.

When I go back and see myself progress from this (A Quilled Feather) to this attempt, I do feel proud.

I am sure I am nothing compared to the likes of Pritesh, Suganthi, ManuK and the likes in quilling delicate pieces, but it has nevertheless been a good journey so far. Hope I grow :) :)

Here are some of the pics of India's National bird perched upon a branch..

I may not have gone for the traditional peacock colors in the true sense. I have played with the shades a little bit. What can I say, everything is fair in Art!

I have used 5 mm strips for the entire project. The leaves were created using tissue paper so that it looks real. I doodled with some quilled leaves for a while but finally decided to go with this approach.

I am not sure if I should have added flowers :( Some said no, some said yes, but finally, no flowers and no messing it up. :) I hope it is a good …

Newspaper, scraps, outliners and woala...... A lovely card

Hi all,
This is something like a recycled craft project... I had some paper scraps left over and was wondering what to do and I came up with this.... I am so in love with this card..

Materials used:
-Newspaper roll tubes
-Paper flowers from scraps
-3D outliners
-Flower beads

Until next time!