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Gear up for 2013...

Hi pals :)
Just 2 more hours into the new year. This year has the first 4 numbers , 0,1,2,3 (not in order ofc!) :P

Lets welcome a great year ahead and gear up for whats awaiting us :)
Sharing with you a set of quilled gears which is a part of a bigger item. But this is what is done as of now :)

Happy new year all and thank you for the support!! :) :)

Flower Love

Hi blogger pals,

This time I am sharing a flower filled item..
I have tried various trypes of quilling here, the beehive technique, teardrop, roses, fringed flowers.....

The end product reads 'LOVE'.. Hope all of you enjoy the pics :)

Happy Quilling :)

Quilled Roses in a handmade frame :)

Hi blogger pals,

Today I tried out a simple quilled rose, the instructions which i found on youtube. I guess it came out pretty decent for a first timer!! :) Did three of them and added a leaf made out of recycled paper.

Now the interesting part was making the frame... Just follwed the instructions here and whola!, a cute
liitle frame :) :)

Hope you enjoy the pics :)

Happy Quilling :)

Tissue paper flowers...

Merry christmas :)

Today was at my aunts place and was helping out my cousin in her project work and we got bored of that...So she taught me how to make tissue paper flowers.. Its soooo simple and so damn beautiful. Posted some pics here. Do try this out and its a fantastic decoration and takes just a minute to do.. The effect is just wonderful

Happy crafting folks :)

A place to read...

Hi all,
So I set out to try a quilled pot or a jug or something of the sort and I end up with this.....
A table...

Things do have a way of turning out completely the opposite of what you intended to..... :P
I did not try to enhance it further... So just added 2 mini tea cups and 3 books and wola!!!! a reading place...

The books are made out of 1 cm strips, the teacups of 4 mm strips. The table is also out of 1 cm strips and measures about 3cm tall and 5 cm wide approx...

Hope you like it :)

Happy Quilling folks!! :)

On going work.......

Hi all,
been bit away from quilling lately..... Just started to get back on things....
This one is for a collegue who has given me some freedom to go ahead with any kind of designs as long as it fits his theme 'love'....

Trying something without conceptualising the design for the first time. not sure how its gonna come out....

This is as far as I have got into..

Not sure how i m going to complete this! :P
Working on something parallely.. will post soon!

Happy quilling fellas! :)