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More than words - A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Hey there fellas!
I know it has been a crazy long time since I wrote a post! Let me try to be more regular from here on :)

One of the most satisfying things for me is to craft and give away the result to friend or colleague. Just to see the happiness and feel work appreciated is an awesome feeling.

My two best friends are entering the world of motherhood and this gave me an opportunity to make something special for them.
Here is what I made for one of my friends Vyshali.

This one is a tab bit more special as I had the help of her husband who is a really good friend of mine by getting the pictures selected and printing them out and sending them over so that I could use them right away.

Here are the pics for you!

The stamps are mostly from Craftyscrappers, they have an amazing collection in the Pregnancy and Baby theme. The others are from Jane's doodles, Peekaboo, and some various other manufacturers.
I will try to update with links to products in this post sometime later :)
Hope …