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Valentines Day Challenge

Hi Friends!!!!
I am hosting the first ever challenge of Krafttime!! And what more better occasion to play for than the Valentine!

The rules are simple so read on and participate. Tag as many friends as you can and spread the love!

The first two are not mandatory but it would be great if you comply..

1. Follow my blog by clicking on "Join this Site" button on my blog
2. Follow my Facebook page by clicking on the Fb icon on the top right corner to navigate to my facebook page.
3. Ok, now on to the theme and type... As the title says, it should be a valentine themed project. You can go to town with any kind of project like cards, tags, mixed media, journals etc. Just make sure it is something that can be gifted to someone and that screams love.
4. I am a quilling enthusiast, so feature at least one quilled embellishment on your card. Detail it out when you link your entries in the comments section
5. Please add only new entries, no backlinks to your projects. Add your entry i…

Valentine Themed Mini Album!!

Hi Blogger Pals!!!! Phew , how long has it been! I lose track of the days not crafting and blogging!!! But there is a new found interest here that is keeping me busy!!! Super happy to announce that I am battling the chores of a 6 month old boy!! Yay to us! We have named him Arjun :) Will share pictures when the family approves of it!
I am here today with a valentine themed mini album. I have been wanting to this for almost a year now but due to lack of supplies i was really scared of starting it. Then I came across Sonia's Blog which showed how to visualize a mini with a single 12x12 paper!!!!

Annnd did I have one... Yes, just a single yellow 12x12 sheet... So I gave it a try. I went back to Jess's blog for more detailed tutorial and boy was it easy! Without a scoring board i somehow managed to get lines right and make the folds. This has 7 pockets which I used to create some flaps out of red and yellow card stock. 

I don't have any stamps (Yet to invest in them) So I googled f…