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Grandpa's timepass :)

Hi all, today I am sharing something my grandpa made by going throught youtube tutorials. He is a retired fellow and extreeemely active person. And he just loves doing something creative at home, finding innovative solutions to household glitches and things like that. Hi recent interest has been origami.

For someone that old, he is quite adept at using the internet and finding out good tutorials, whereas my mom can barely operate the computer.:P

He usually uses newspaper magazine sheets or pamphlets lying around to create them and he has a bunch of horses, parrots, other birds and animals at home. I found a parrot that he had made with magazine paper and it just so turned out that the colors fit in so well by chance, Green body and red beak. I asked him to add an eye and it became so much more beautiful. I flicked it to my office. and perched it on my monitor along with two Itsy Bitsy flowers. I love my desktop even more now :)

Till next time! Hugs :)

Foam sheet scrapbook

Hi all,
Posting after a long time again... How have you all been! :)

I have been keeping myself pretty much engaged at work lately and couldn't get to touch any crafting items at all :( Our client's EVP is leaving and we decided to give him a farewell gift in the form of writeups of what people who worked with him thought of him.

This is a simple thing to make and took me just under half hour. I have had these foam sheets lying around not knowing what to do. So i decided why not make a scrapbook out of it. So i cut them up and strung them using a ribbon and added a quiled flower on the cover. I also did very little embellishment as i wanted it to be toned down and the pages are going to be filled with writeups/photographs.

Hope you liked it :)

Happy crafting till then!!