Foam sheet scrapbook

Hi all,
Posting after a long time again... How have you all been! :)

I have been keeping myself pretty much engaged at work lately and couldn't get to touch any crafting items at all :( Our client's EVP is leaving and we decided to give him a farewell gift in the form of writeups of what people who worked with him thought of him.

This is a simple thing to make and took me just under half hour. I have had these foam sheets lying around not knowing what to do. So i decided why not make a scrapbook out of it. So i cut them up and strung them using a ribbon and added a quiled flower on the cover. I also did very little embellishment as i wanted it to be toned down and the pages are going to be filled with writeups/photographs.

Hope you liked it :)

Happy crafting till then!!


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