Monday, 21 April 2014

Quilled jumkas! and some others

Hi all,
Here are some pics from my recent take on quilled jewelry. (jumkas to be more precise). This is my first try at quilling jumkas. I absolutely love spending time doing this. Even though it takes time, patience and care to craft each item the end product is absolutely worth it. I am a great fan of Pritesh's jumkas and even though these are no where near to her creations I am sure it is a start. 

Thanks to Vijayvel for the pics :)

Green and Neon orange jumka with wooden bead
Light green jumka . Ring type model

Blue and Neon Orange jumka with wooden bead

Maroon and Neon green jumka with quilled spacers

Yellow and marron jumka with wooden beards. Ring type model

Dark  green and cream colored jumka with quilled spacers

Light Blue and yellow jumka with wooden bead

Light and Dark blue jumka with kundan stones

Maroon with cream colored jumka with wooden bead

Neon orange and green jumka with wooden bead
Quilled bead earrings and a jumka

Hanging earrin with wooden beads and other one is made out of quilled coils
Hope you all enjoyed it and looking forward to making more!!!

Until next time!

Say It In Black n Gold - MojoMonday 342

Hi all,
Today's card is a take on Julee's sketch for this week on MojoMonday.

Every girl loves black. Be it accessories or dresses or saris, it a craze to wear black on us. Regardless of how you look, Black always make you look good. And black when combined with the shimmer of gold does lend a beautiful classic touch.

So why not say your love with a card of black and gold!

Until Next time!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mojo Monday 111

Hi all,
I am in a good mood to make black base cards today! Dug out a old Mojo Monday Sketch (#111). Here it is :)
I have done my variation on a black base , Kundan Stones, Earring caps and a Quilled flower. Hope you all like it :)

Until next time!!! :D

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mojo Monday 341

Hi frensz....

I just completed the Mojo Monday 341 Sketch card. I have been trying to do one of the Mojo monday templates for a long time now. Finally got some time to spare :) This week's sketch is from Julee. Here it is...
In this version, I have used Black card base, Gold glitter pen from Uniball, Pista shells and some earring caps :) :) I personally feel it has come out well and the gold adds a antic look.

Entering it to the Mojo Monday 341

Hope you all like it.
See ya until next time!.

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