Quilled jumkas! and some others

Hi all,
Here are some pics from my recent take on quilled jewelry. (jumkas to be more precise). This is my first try at quilling jumkas. I absolutely love spending time doing this. Even though it takes time, patience and care to craft each item the end product is absolutely worth it. I am a great fan of Pritesh's jumkas and even though these are no where near to her creations I am sure it is a start. 

Thanks to Vijayvel for the pics :)

Green and Neon orange jumka with wooden bead
Light green jumka . Ring type model

Blue and Neon Orange jumka with wooden bead

Maroon and Neon green jumka with quilled spacers

Yellow and marron jumka with wooden beards. Ring type model

Dark  green and cream colored jumka with quilled spacers

Light Blue and yellow jumka with wooden bead

Light and Dark blue jumka with kundan stones

Maroon with cream colored jumka with wooden bead

Neon orange and green jumka with wooden bead
Quilled bead earrings and a jumka

Hanging earrin with wooden beads and other one is made out of quilled coils
Hope you all enjoyed it and looking forward to making more!!!

Until next time!


  1. hey, stumbled upon your blog from some random space. lovely work you have here, but the writing is indecipherable! can you please change the font?

    1. Thanks for your comments Jaya!! I had not noticed that the font had got changed for the entire blog area. I was trying to set to header alone! :( I will definitely change it!! Thanks a bunch :)


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