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To an awesome lady, Sanju :)

Hi blogger pals,
It s been a really really long time since i touched my quilling items.I seem to have missed so much on all of your recent works too :( :(

But here's what I came up with in the last two days.
This is something for my dearest teacher Sanjana Laxman, who has always been with me right from school, guess 6th class. :) Even after we leave school, we can never forget our teacher nor can they, their students. We share a close relationship and she has been with me all these years supporting me in whatever I do.....

Wishing you great times ahead mam, I can't say 'Bon anniversaire' now, as it is already over :P But, better late than never :) :)

Here's something to a wonderful teacher, friend, guide and in some cases, you were like a mom to me :)

Love you lots :)

I have used 1 cm strips to make the fringed flowers and the lettering. Added some roses to add color and fill up the space. The frame was handmade with 1.5 cm border thickness. I learnt how to make i…