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Beaded NeckPieces...

Hi all,
Things are hot and happening around here @Krafttime and it is beads, beads and beads all the way...
Here is what is cooking at the moment...

Bottle green beaded beauty - Kacche aam

Blood red pristine crackled crystals strung together... Smooch away

Morning sunshine!

So much more in progress, will share it all shortly!!! Until then happy crafting :)

Giveaway time!!!!

Hey guys!!!!
I am so happy to announce a giveaway to all my followers on the Facebook page!!!

So here is what you have to do and it is as simple as a few clicks and a bunch of words that show your love to my page!!

Go ahead and like my Page on Facebook here.
In my Give away post, comment that you are in! so that I know who all are! :)

This giveaway will be active till end of December! So one lucky winner will win something special and handmade from Krafttime on the start of next year.

And that's it :)
Fell free to share my post and share some love!!!!

Love from Uma

Some More Quilled and Beaded Earrings

Picture heavy post begins!!!!!! Here goes some of the quilled earrings and beaded earrings that I made :)

I had such fun time making these.... So how are they!

Until Next time folks!!

Mythical or Mystical! A Quilled Peacock

After a realllly long time I completed a project which I have been planning for quite some time. A quilled peacock.

When I go back and see myself progress from this (A Quilled Feather) to this attempt, I do feel proud.

I am sure I am nothing compared to the likes of Pritesh, Suganthi, ManuK and the likes in quilling delicate pieces, but it has nevertheless been a good journey so far. Hope I grow :) :)

Here are some of the pics of India's National bird perched upon a branch..

I may not have gone for the traditional peacock colors in the true sense. I have played with the shades a little bit. What can I say, everything is fair in Art!

I have used 5 mm strips for the entire project. The leaves were created using tissue paper so that it looks real. I doodled with some quilled leaves for a while but finally decided to go with this approach.

I am not sure if I should have added flowers :( Some said no, some said yes, but finally, no flowers and no messing it up. :) I hope it is a good …

Newspaper, scraps, outliners and woala...... A lovely card

Hi all,
This is something like a recycled craft project... I had some paper scraps left over and was wondering what to do and I came up with this.... I am so in love with this card..

Materials used:
-Newspaper roll tubes
-Paper flowers from scraps
-3D outliners
-Flower beads

Until next time!

Quilled jumkas! and some others

Hi all, Here are some pics from my recent take on quilled jewelry. (jumkas to be more precise). This is my first try at quilling jumkas. I absolutely love spending time doing this. Even though it takes time, patience and care to craft each item the end product is absolutely worth it. I am a great fan of Pritesh's jumkas and even though these are no where near to her creations I am sure it is a start. 
Thanks to Vijayvel for the pics :)

Hope you all enjoyed it and looking forward to making more!!!

Until next time!

Say It In Black n Gold - MojoMonday 342

Hi all,
Today's card is a take on Julee's sketch for this week on MojoMonday.

Every girl loves black. Be it accessories or dresses or saris, it a craze to wear black on us. Regardless of how you look, Black always make you look good. And black when combined with the shimmer of gold does lend a beautiful classic touch.
So why not say your love with a card of black and gold!
Until Next time!

Mojo Monday 111

Hi all,
I am in a good mood to make black base cards today! Dug out a old Mojo Monday Sketch (#111). Here it is :)
I have done my variation on a black base , Kundan Stones, Earring caps and a Quilled flower. Hope you all like it :)

Until next time!!! :D