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Quill-er Basket

Hello everyone, I am back with another quilled project :)
This time its a 'flower basket' much like what we carry around to temples or for just plucking flowers from your garden in the morning. It is a tradition in India where the girls go out early morning and gather flowers and make garlands to adorn the deities.

 Hope you have enjoyed :) I had a great time making this. Linking this to Kalalayaa's 'Anything goes challenge' (My first challenge enrty... )
Will be back after filling the basket with flowers ;) Happy Quilling till then :)

Heart of hearts..

This is a cute little project I did for my college Biju as he wanted to present something to his wife on their anniversary.
The heart is made of a simple arrangements of smaller hearts and outlined with tight coils.

The box is made of decorative handmade paper folded with simple folds. I have attached a small quilled flower to add flavor and added a ribbon to one end of the lid. And a small card where Biju can express his love to Hima. :)

Happy quilling :)

Quilled feather

Wanted to try a peacock feather for my Krishna.. So here it is..

But added more colors than one would find in a peacock and the design is also a bit different but this feather now sits prettily on Krishna's head :)

Puja area :) and the krishna is a very immature painting but still my favourite :) :)

Quilled Guitar

La lala lala.....
Made this guitar for the guitarist in our music band. The chair made by a simple origami technique. Now working on a personalized design of guitar as requested by the guitarist! And it is turning out to quite fun to try something on request :)

Happy Quilling weekend :)

Fringed flower

Tried this flower some time back. Will post the complete picture soon :) It was very different to cut long strips and quill this flower compared to the smaller fringed ones that are done conventionally. Very happy with the result :)

கோலம் (Rangoli)

Never knew that digital painting ca be so much fun.. hmmmm, wish I could try these manually


For those who love reading and hate folding the pages....
GOA bookmark (lady on the beach and drinks  missing :P )
 Peaceful Ganesha..

'S' Ganesh....
ARIES at a glance..

Some random mehendi design..

 For those who sleep off reading a book.. :)

VIRGO at a glance (apparently I am all of these)

Krishna, the eternal lover


'G' Ganesh..

Oh yes,
These are some simple designs that can be done in absolutely no time. Do try it :)
Will be back with something else :)

Popeye the sailor man...... 

"I'm Popeye the sailor man
I'm Popeye the sailor man I'm strong to the fin-ich Cause I eats me spin-ach I'm Popeye the sailor man."
How many of us have grown watching 'The Popeye Show'? And how many parents have taken the help of popeye to make their kids eat spinach... :) One of my favourites in CN...

Was wondering what to do on my t shirt.. Could't decide on anything so finally went for the sailor man..

See you all soon :) Thanks for stopping by....

Quilled Lady

Quilled lady...

Quilling is something that I came across by accident and picked it up on my own before actually knowing that it was an art form. Hence, it is something very close to my heart and gives me great pleasure to cut out the strips and roll them into tiny coils even though it is time consuming. This is my first attempt at quilled face and I know that I have not captured the 3D effect properly but I guess this deserves to be on my first blog :)

It is a complete paper model and the most difficult part was to get her eyes and hair done properly. Once that was done the rest was fairly easy :) 

Starting this weekend with a guitar model :) Will be back soon :)