Quilled Lady

Quilled lady...

Quilling is something that I came across by accident and picked it up on my own before actually knowing that it was an art form. Hence, it is something very close to my heart and gives me great pleasure to cut out the strips and roll them into tiny coils even though it is time consuming. This is my first attempt at quilled face and I know that I have not captured the 3D effect properly but I guess this deserves to be on my first blog :)

It is a complete paper model and the most difficult part was to get her eyes and hair done properly. Once that was done the rest was fairly easy :) 

Starting this weekend with a guitar model :) Will be back soon :)


  1. So very beautiful!!I love your work!

    1. Thanks suganthi :) Looking forward to learn more on quilling :)

  2. always kalakifying. nee nadathu :)


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