Quill-er Basket

Hello everyone, I am back with another quilled project :)
This time its a 'flower basket' much like what we carry around to temples or for just plucking flowers from your garden in the morning. It is a tradition in India where the girls go out early morning and gather flowers and make garlands to adorn the deities.
Quill-er (Killer) basket ..

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The inside look :)

Basic layout-coils,hearts,teardrops and flowers :)

 Hope you have enjoyed :) I had a great time making this.
Linking this to Kalalayaa's 'Anything goes challenge' (My first challenge enrty... )

Will be back after filling the basket with flowers ;)
Happy Quilling till then :)


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  2. This is lovely.... you have lots of patience ta make something like this.....!

    1. :) Thanks dharshana, Have to take out some time to make yourself feel good right :) Else life is sooooo mechanical


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