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Mojo Monday 256

Hi blogger pals,

Its time for another Mojo monday sketch and this time its a round or square card. The theme is designed by Julie Tilman. The sketch thows so many possiblities and the design team's take on it is just aweesome! :)

Here is my take on this weeks sketch.. :) The square template was easier to create so went ahead with it first :)

This is another card that that i created on the same love theme :) .

Happy crafting and quilling!!

Quilled 'R'

Hi bloggeer Pals,
Time for next quilled letter!!

Its 'R' this time.. Pretty decent output i would say :)

happy quilling!!!!

Mojo Monday 255

Hi blogger pals,
Its time for another Mojo monday card..
This weeks layout is designed by Teresa Kline and is a beautiful sketch,..

here is my take on this week's design :)

A very simple design.... Linking it to Mojo monday's 255th challenge.

Happy Crafting!!

Quilled 'S'

Hi blogger pals,

I am sure the name Yulia Brodskaya must be a name that has inspired all quillers at some point or other.. The works are awe inspiring and makes us wish aloud if we can try something even remotely like hers...

Tried my hand at quilling alphabets as a first step and tried out an S in this post .  Not great, but i guess ok for a first try. :)

Happy quilling till next time! :)

Washi tape giveaway!!

Here is a chance for all of you out there to win a bunch of washi tape rools!!! Head out to the purple pumpkin to win some :)

Mojo monday 254

Hi blogger pals,
This is my second entry into Mojo Monday contest!!

This is the sketch shared by the DT Team.. Great sketch, throws a lot of possibilities!

Started with a basic card from Itsybitsy and added the shapes to it! The sentiment was handwritten as there weren't any stamps around here... Some pics of my first take on the sketch.

Happy crafting!

Popsicle sticks- bookmarks- Take1

Hi blogger pals!

Got a bunch of colourful popsicle sticks from the ItsyBitsy store this week and I have tried out some quilled items. The flowers and the butterfly are the same old ones but I had fun doing the hut and the feet. Photos are not that clear sadly... :( Will try to post better ones..

Waiting for some brainwave to hit me for more ideas to make something with these sticks!! :O

Happy quilling :)

Some more cards!

Hi blogger pals,
Posting some more pics of the cards I made this week :)

Mojo Monday 253

Hi blogger pals,

Entering into Mojo monday contest this week!!! Hope I do it every week too :)
This was the given layout by the DT team,

And here is my take on it. I have used a basic card from itsy Bitsy and added the shapes on top of it.  Made a slight change to the ribbon shown. Instead of placing a ribbon, I cut patterned sheet in the same shape as in the layout. :)  I am happy with the way it has turned out :)

Happy scapping!

Harmony in name!

Hi blogger pals,

Made this quilled item yesterday for a special friend of mine and her husband, Suja and Jai. When I sat down to conceptualise what I should do, it was amazing to see how their names fit into each others. Briilliant right! And so are they :) One of the cutest couples I have come across!

Quilled their names in dark and light shades of blue and I am not sure if i can call this quillography! But still, i had fun doing it. and whats love without the symbol of love in it!! So quilled two more hearts around their names :)

You might ask why is the yellow one bigger than the red.. Well, aren't women the most important ones! :)

Entering it into Pritesh's bloggoversary challenge. Happy bloggoversary pritesh!
Happy quilling friends!

Quilling my name

Hi al,
This is one of the first projects that I tried. Quillography is quite interesting but I haven't exxplored much o it. I created this design of my name as an ambigram long time ago. So even if you rotate it by 180 degrees, it will still read the same!! :)

There is minimal quilling on it but its one of my favourite. This is a small 10 cm sq standee and it perches itself comfortably on the cpu of my desktop :)

Happy Quilling! :)

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Raksha bandan!

Nothing about craft here , just a quick post on one of my poems.. Dedicating to my brothers :) To my brother with love..... Dear brother...
When you hold my hand
you make me your daughter;
When you give me a hug
you make me your mother;
When you teach me patiently
you make me your student;
When you come to me in doubt
you make me your teacher;
When you share everything with me
you make me a part of you;
When you look for my shoulders for support
you make me your friend.

When you believe in me
you make me capable of everything;
When you show me the right way
you make me feel looked after;
When you wipe the tears off me
you make feel the happiest person;
When you say that you love me
you make my life beautiful.

Thank u for being my brother...