Raksha bandan!

Nothing about craft here , just a quick post on one of my poems..

Dedicating to my brothers :)

To my brother with love.....

Dear brother...
When you hold my hand
you make me your daughter;
When you give me a hug
you make me your mother;
When you teach me patiently
you make me your student;
When you come to me in doubt
you make me your teacher;
When you share everything with me
you make me a part of you;
When you look for my shoulders for support
you make me your friend.

When you believe in me
you make me capable of everything;
When you show me the right way
you make me feel looked after;
When you wipe the tears off me
you make feel the happiest person;
When you say that you love me
you make my life beautiful.

Thank u for being my brother...


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