Grandpa's timepass :)

Hi all, today I am sharing something my grandpa made by going throught youtube tutorials. He is a retired fellow and extreeemely active person. And he just loves doing something creative at home, finding innovative solutions to household glitches and things like that. Hi recent interest has been origami.

For someone that old, he is quite adept at using the internet and finding out good tutorials, whereas my mom can barely operate the computer.:P

He usually uses newspaper magazine sheets or pamphlets lying around to create them and he has a bunch of horses, parrots, other birds and animals at home. I found a parrot that he had made with magazine paper and it just so turned out that the colors fit in so well by chance, Green body and red beak. I asked him to add an eye and it became so much more beautiful. I flicked it to my office. and perched it on my monitor along with two Itsy Bitsy flowers. I love my desktop even more now :)

Till next time! Hugs :)


  1. Wow ! Your grandpa has done amazing job ! Loved the parrot !

  2. Hi Uma
    thanks for contacting me and commenting on my kissing stick people post on my blog. I could not reply to you through your comment because your email address is no reply so I thought I would leave you a message here.

    I would be ok with you using my design as long as you don't sell anything with this design on it, that you give me credit if you post it and linked back to my site.

    thanks a lot for your wonderful comment and for asking me to use the design.
    have an awesome day


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