A place to read...

Hi all,
So I set out to try a quilled pot or a jug or something of the sort and I end up with this.....
A table...

Things do have a way of turning out completely the opposite of what you intended to..... :P
I did not try to enhance it further... So just added 2 mini tea cups and 3 books and wola!!!! a reading place...

The books are made out of 1 cm strips, the teacups of 4 mm strips. The table is also out of 1 cm strips and measures about 3cm tall and 5 cm wide approx...

Hope you like it :)

Happy Quilling folks!! :)


  1. I liked it ! The books and cups have turned out very nicely !

  2. :) Thanks Pooja :) :) and yea those were my favourites too :)


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