Rearrangable Kolam

Hi all :) :)

I happend to see a variety of plastic kolam in many houses where i went for golu this year. And it was very practical and the best part was you can rearrange the individial pieces to create designs of your of your own. So thought why not do one myself!!!

Items that I used [Lot of alternatives possibles)

1.OHP Sheet 
2. Glue
3. Variety of beads, Chamki, Kundan, etc etc

First i drew the basec shape on a paer and transferred the design on the OHP sheet and cut out the pieces. Then you go ahead and decorate them your way using the beads n glue :) :)
Here are some pics :)

A Basic Paisley shape

Square/Diamond shaped piece

Pieces arranged in one way

Yet another way to arrange the pieces

This can be used as a border kolam also.
Hope you liked this project :)

Happy crafting :)


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