Navarathri 2013!! :D

Hi alll :)
It has been a really long time since i blogged.. Lots of new things in life and this has taken a back seat.... :P
Last two weeks was sooo busy with Navarathri celebrations.

It all starts with taking down boxes and boxes of golu dolls in various sixes wrapped in paper, cloth, bubble wrap and what not. Then comes setting the steps, covering with a cloth and decorating the steps with lights and paper.

Then the best part is arranging the dolls and setting up park and houses. :) :) 9 days of beautiful festival :)

Here are some pics of the golu kept in my house

Temple with vadhyar, devotees, Some houses etc

A park, Road with some buses, traffic policeman

Wedding Set. bride, groom , Vadhyar, Food being served and Musicians at the scene

Scene at kailash, With Shiva, Parvathi,Ganesh n Karthik along with onlookers

Shiva and parvathi.

Ashtalakshmi. The small lamps are the guruvayur lamps and start from 3 cm in height

'Vilaku poojai' scene with goddess Ambal and devotees

From left: Madurai meenakshi, Saraswathi, Padmanabhaswamy, mathura Radhe Krishna, ganapathy, Karumariamman

Venkatachalapathi and Aandal

Ram, Lakshman,Sita and Hanuman

A scene near the well, A lady with a pot of water, A lady washing clothes and another taking bath

A scene from the school

Hope you all enjoyed the pics

Happy blogging :)


  1. What a wonderful Golu..!! I got know many new names ..I loved the scenes you have created with the dolls n idols :) !


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