Quilled Bride!

I have been trying to do a quilled face for sometime now and probably some actual person rather than doing something out of my imagination. You can see my previous attempt at a quilled lady here which also happens to be my first post in this blog.

This person got married recently and i was just taking some random pics at her wedding and really liked this one. Though she didn't , saying it is a stupid looking pose :P :P But nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to try quilling it. :) :) She has been with me from school college and we even work in the same place :) Love you darling. You are such a sweetheart :)

It was intended to be a plain white background pic at first. But couldn't help giving a orangish tint for the background and also adding color to the hair part.

I think it has turned out quite decently...

Here is how it evolved. :)

Happy quilling :) :)


  1. uma.. super awesome!! is it like a glass painting? I mean wat hav u used for this?

    1. Hey paddu, thanks dear... this form is called quilling... it is completely out of thin strips of paper rolled into different shapes.. :)

  2. uma this is sooo good :) excellent work

  3. Beautiful quilling.. New to your blog,hope to see ur wonderful creations..

  4. Outstanding creation. Looks really beautiful.


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