Felt flowers :)

Hi all :)

I was trying to clean out my crafty items junk and found some felt cloth in beautiful pink yellow and blue shades which had been lying dormant for more than a year i believe. So i goggled for some crafty projects and came across a paper flower version of this type of flower.

I was not sure how i would make this cloth stick as i did not have anything but Fevicol. So first i went about cutting the basic shapes that i needed.

Once that was done. I made 2 quilled flowers that are the centerpieces int he flowers. I stitched them so that they wouldn't come off.

Next I added the base layer of folded petals and then an inner layer and on top added the quilled flowers and stitched them thoroughly....

Such simple technique yet so beautiful

Hope you like the pics :) :)

Happy crafting :)


  1. Wow Uma !The flowers are very beautiful,loved the idea of using quilled center .

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments and continuous encouragement :)

  2. The flowers are so beautiful & naturalistic.:)
    One real fact is these flowers won't get dry :P.

    1. Thanks karthik.... sad u weren't there when i was making these at your house sundaY :p


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