Featured Artist - Jayashree on Quilled Flowers

Hey all!!
I am so excited to have Jayshree (THE Quilling queen) here with me today to be the on the Featured Artist series f Krafttime!!

Here is a little something about her :)

Hi Everybody, first and foremost, would like to thank Uma for this opportunity. I am Jayashree, the hands and brains behind Paper Mantras. I am from Chennai, moved to Singapore few months ago. 

As a child, I was really interested in crafts. My craft periods at school would be the most exciting part. After school, college kept me busy, I couldn’t craft much. 
And after getting into a fulltime job, I completely forgot crafting. Later, when I came across quilling, I couldn’t resist myself from giving it a try. And now, after almost 2 years, Quilling and paper jewelry has become a part of my life. I showcase my work on my page “Paper Mantras”. I also occasionally share my work on my Instagram account “Paper Mantras”
I do not have anyone as my specific inspiration. Inspiration comes from anywhere anytime. The art by itself is inspiring. The members in the facebook group “Quilling Queens” is a great source of inspiration.  
I manage to work on my ideas whenever I get time. Usually I craft at night and on weekends. 

In this post, I am sharing some of projects and some quilled flowers

This one is my recent paper base work. The pendant is inspired by mandala pattern. 

This is another recycled project, where I’ve used paper cups. I’ve made some quilled leaves and malaysian flowers to decorate it.  

This one is another quilled floral project, I’ve used some flowers and two shaded leces.   

This one is a simple quilled décor. Malaysian flower being my most favourite, will get a place in all my projects. 

Let me explain 6 simple quilled flower techniques. 

1. The first one is a Malaysian flower, with a small twist. I’ve flattened the petals in the flower. I have used two colored strips here. It is called the Malaysian flower because the artist, Solehah Muhammad, who created the design is from Malaysia.  There are loads of tutorials available on the internet, so I’ve not added the tutorial in this post 
2. 2nd flower – Initially I created 5 open coils using a quilling mandrel. And then pinched at one place, to give it a teardrop shop. Later I filled it with the beehive technique. This beehive technique was discovered by Susan, from Indonesia. 
3. 3rd flower – I’ve made loose coils initially and then pinched the ends and joined the petals together. I’ve used two colours in this flower too. 
4. 4th flower – This is an usual Malaysian flower with two colours used in the petal.  
5. 5th flower – This is again a simple loose coils, pinching the petals and giving it a curve. 
6. 6th flower – I’ve used half the size of the strip for each petal, so I’ve got smaller petals. Then pasted four flowers together and made it into a earring. Attaching a clear picture of the earring. 
7. 7th flower – This is a very simple form of a quilled flower. I’ve made tight coils and pinched them to tear drops. This flower too uses dual color strips. 

Isn't that piece of jewelry to die for!!! Thank you Jayashree! We loved having you here. Head over to her page Paper Mantrasand show her some love!!!
I will be back with another featured artist soon :)


  1. Beautiful projects! I just love the mandala! :)

  2. Thanks buddy for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. I consider this a great honour.

    Much Love,

    Paper Mantras

  3. Wow awesome quilling.i love the photo frame.

    1. Yes Akshma..... And the pendant!!!! WOW right

  4. Beautiful work.. All the vru best to jayashree nd paper mantras..

  5. You're truely an inspiration Js... Best wishes dr.


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