#100 - Hundredth post - A marathon look back

Hi all you lovely people!

When I started this blog in 2012, little did I imagine it to cross 100 posts. I have been inactive in the blogland for long periodsof time but still managed to come back and post now and then.

The past few weeks have been really refreshing to be active and now, what can i say, 100 is really a milestone.

Thank you all those people who came by , visited and left some love. Hope you continue to do so. I have made some really good friends in the blogland and wish to find many more of you!!

So pull up a chair and go through some of my favourite archives in the journey of 100 posts.

It all started with #1 obviously, a quilled lady :)

A quilled basket: Love how this turned out :)

A quilled basket 

Quilled Peacock feather

Quilled Tree         

Half way there!!!!
Some more yummies . Read along :) 


How was the ride along my memory lane friends! Do check out the archive posts and let me know what you think! 
To a hundred more to me and to all of you :)




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