Colorful Jewellery - #reusewithkrafttime Day 30

Hey, there fellas!!!
Today is the last day of my challenge that I had set for myself, to start using up the supplies that I already had before heading out to buy more :)

Check out all the other posts here that I have created this month!!Now, onto today's post!

I had this butterfly pendant with a myriad of colored rhinestones, but was looking for the perfect way to string it all these days. It just struck me late night that it would be better off as a dangler in a simple chain than adding some beads... So I took out my sterling silver chain and attached the pendant with a bail and added a toggle clasp. For the earrings, I wanted something colorful. So I went back to my signature tiger tail bead danglers. I took colorful porcelain beads and added them as danglers on 4 strands of tiger tail with varying lengths.

Let me know how you like it guys!

I am having a month long "Use up your stash " challenge running on my blog. Check out the details here.


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